[Research Seminar 2018.07.23]Going Public through Mergers with SPACs

Kyojik “Roy” Song(Professor of Finance) SungKyunkwan University   Abstract: In this study, we investigate the determinant of Korean firms’ choice to merge with SPACs and their performance. We find that private operating firms with larger control […]

[Research Seminar 2018.07.18]The First Option Effect: The First-As-Recommended Inference on Menu Choice

Jung Keun Kim, Senior Lecturer Auckland University of Technology     Abstract: The present research suggests that consumers possess position-based beliefs about menu layout, and use them strategically in making a food choice. We propose tha […]

[Research Seminar 2018.06.29]Do Clawback Adoptions Influence Capital Investment Mix?

Jeong Hwan Joo The University of Hong Kong   Abstract: We present evidence that clawback provision adoptions influence capital investment mix and efficiency consistent with managerial compensation incentives. Specifically, using a propensity-mat […]

[Research Seminar 2018.06.07]CEO Lifetime Work Experiences

    Abstract: Corporate America managers are heterogenous with respect to their experiences, skill sets, and management styles. In this study, we explore CEO lifetime experiences to explain stock price crash risk. Following methodology by C […]

[Research Seminar 2018.06.04]AI-Based Coating Weight Control Algorithm at Continuous Galvanizing Line

  Abstract: In recent years, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have received a great deal of attention in manufacturing industries by means of smart factory; however the interesting connection among the two hasn’t often appeared in pract […]

[Research Seminar 2018.05.28]Making Friends with Enemy’s Friends: Effect of Infiltrating Alliances on Firms’ Stock Market Returns

  Speaker : Kwang-Ho Kim(Hankuk Foreign Studies Univ. Associate Prof.)     Abstract: By considering both cooperative and competitive dynamics in the formation of inter-firm relationships, we introduce the concept of infiltrating allian […]

[Research Seminar 2018.05.21]Online Gaming and Usage Restriction Laws

  Abstract: Given the rise of the online gaming industry, consumer protection laws have been implemented to restrict excessive gaming on the Internet. This research evaluates one such consumer protection policy and its effectiveness from both ma […]

[Research Seminar 2018.05.10.] Employee Ethics and Job Performance: Moderated Mediation of Felt Responsibility and Mediation of Relational Coordination

  Abstract: Since business failure often occurs due to employees’ unethical behaviors, firms make a substantial effort to develop ‘ethical’ culture by monitoring and improving employee’s ethics. Their elaborations not only drive the employee’s e […]

[Research Seminar 2018.05.08.] Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Financial Engineering

  Abstract Since the 1990s, financial engineers, who are so-called quants, have defined and solved many problems in financial markets based on a mathematical methodologies. In particular, they have played an important role in the growth of finan […]
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[기업인 초청]취 업 특 강

Date : 25 April 2018 (Wed) 17:00 Location : BAB No. 102 Speaker : Yang Nak-yong Pro(Samsung SDS Instistute) Subject : Enterprise Thinking Trends and Analysis Platform = Details = – Introduce the trend of the data analytics market and the necess […]