[Research Seminar 2017.06.19] “A Bold Move or Biting Off More than They Can Chew: Examining the Performance of Small Acquirers

Speaker’s Name: Kevin H. Kim (Assistant Prof./The University of Memphis) Abstract We investigate and explain an apparent contradiction in the prior literature on the performance of small acquirers. Small acquirers enjoy announcement period retu […]

[Research Seminar 2017.06.15] Informed Equity Ownership and Bank Loan Contracting

Speaker’s Name: Yi, Ha-Chin(Associate Prof./ Texas State University)   Abstract We take local institutional equity ownership as a proxy for informed and likely exogenous ownership and study the effect of informed equity ownership on credit […]

[Research Seminar 2017.04.21] Wage Differentials, Firm Investment, and Stock Returns

Speaker’s Name: Yongjun Kim (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   Abstract This study investigates the effects of labor costs on firms’ capital investments and stock returns. I estimate wage premia across U.S. industries an […]

[Research Seminar 2017.03.10] Indirect benefits of financial globalization: Evidence from small firms’ growth opportunities

Speaker’s Name: Dong Wook Lee (Professor, Korea University) Abstract : This paper measures the indirect impacts of financial globalization using the extent to which corporate growth opportunities—especially those of small-size companies—are cou […]