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Changyong Lee
(Technology and Innovation Management Lab)

Data mining and machine learning, technology and innovation management, business intelligence, service engineering The Technology Management Lab. focuses on the challenges associated with creating new products/services and businesses from scientific research and technological innovation. We are dedicated to research that links management, science, and engineering disciplines to address the planning, development, and implementation of technological capabilities, pursuing multidisciplinary research based on synergetic collaboration. By working with organisations at all stages of technological development, we provide comprehensive support from early stage exploration, through technology strategy, to end-of-life issues
Byoung Ki Seo

Financial Engineering, Finanicial Mathematics, Market Microstructure
Hyun Jin Jang

Credit Derivatives, Copulas, Stochastic Volatility, Numerical Method, Risk Management Dr. Jang's research interests are in financial risk management, derivatives, quantitative method in finance. Her research aims to develop risk assesment tools to quantify and forecast financial risk inherent in market data based on probabilistic and statistical methodologies, and focuses on finding economic implication by using the tool. She is also interested in practical issues being raised in ​the area of financial risk management due to new banking regulation.
​Marco Comuzzi
(Intelligent Enterprise Lab)

busin​ess process management, enterprise systems,
ERP systems, process mining
This laboratory focuses on engineering of business intelligence tools for enterprise systems implementation and business process management. In enterprise systems, our focus is on the development of models and tools for managing ERP post-implementation changes and understand risk factors in ERP projects. In business process management, our focus is on the application of computational intelligence and data mining techniques to the analysis and optimisation of organisational business processes, using process event logs.
​Sungil Kim
(Data Analytics Lab)

Business Analytics, Statistical Quality Control, Anomaly Detection, Data mining and machine learning, Design of experiments, Robust parameter design, Demand forecasting, Predictive analytics Dr. Kim's research interests are in the broad areas of data science and business analytics. A major focus of his research is in developing novel statistical methods for solving complex engineering problems. He has several years of consulting experience in solving real business problems in industries.
Chiehyeon Lim
(Service Systems Lab)

Service Science, Data Analytics on Service Systems, Smart Service Systems, Personal Process Management, Decision Science We study engineering and management of service systems, such as transportation, health, home, energy, building, farming, hospitality, education, and game systems. Based on industrial engineering and service science, we analyze both numerical and text data collected from things and people in service systems to understand, evaluate, improve, and design the system mechanisms and operations; we also employ qualitative approach as appropriate. Drawing on real-world lessons from practices and projects, we aim to develop theories and methodologies that advance industrial engineering and service science.