2018년도 4월 1차 연구세미나 공지(Notice of research seminar 1, April)


[Research Seminar 2017.10.27.] The More Efficient, the More vulnerable!

Speaker : Dong-Hyun Ahn/President Seoul National University Korea Capital Market Institute   Abstract: We extend the limited arbitrage model of Shleifer and Vishny (1997) to an intertem-poral model while simplifying a funding cost structure. The […]

[Research Seminar 2017.09.25]AI Researches on DFKI and its application to Smart Factory

Title: AI Researches on DFKI and its application to Smart Factory   Abstract: German research center for Artificial intelligent (DFKI) is developing the platform, application and autonomous system and augmented reality. SmartFactoryKL initiated […]

[Research Seminar 2017.07.20]How do co-opted directors influence corporate risk-taking?

Speaker’s Name: YoungSang Kim (Professor/Northern Kentucky University) Abstract: Motivated by agency theory, we explore the effect of co-opted directors, i.e. directors appointed after the incumbent CEO assumes office, on corporate risk taking. Our r […]

[Research Seminar 2017.07.13] “Normal” is more normal for some asset classes

Speaker’s Name: Jaehyuk Choi (Assistant Prof./Peking University HSBC Business School)   Abstract: This study concerns normal stochastic volatility (NSV) model in which the price follows an arithmetic Brownian motion. The NSV model provides […]

[Research Seminar 2017.07.04] Do Investors Use Options and Futures to Trade on Different Types of Information? Evidence from an Aggregate Stock Index

Speaker’s Name: Kyounghun Bae (Assistant Prof./Hanyang University)   Abstract Option prices are sensitive to changes in volatility whereas futures prices are not. We investigate this distinction empirically and test the hypothesis that inv […]

[Research Seminar 2017.06.28] Consumer Search and Choice under Limited Product Information

Speaker’s Name: Jun B. Kim  (Associate Prof./Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Abstract Empirical models of consumer search typically assume that consumers are fully informed about key product attribute values prior to search and […]

[Research Seminar 2017.06.19] “A Bold Move or Biting Off More than They Can Chew: Examining the Performance of Small Acquirers

Speaker’s Name: Kevin H. Kim (Assistant Prof./The University of Memphis) Abstract We investigate and explain an apparent contradiction in the prior literature on the performance of small acquirers. Small acquirers enjoy announcement period retu […]

[Research Seminar 2017.06.15] Informed Equity Ownership and Bank Loan Contracting

Speaker’s Name: Yi, Ha-Chin(Associate Prof./ Texas State University)   Abstract We take local institutional equity ownership as a proxy for informed and likely exogenous ownership and study the effect of informed equity ownership on credit […]

[Research Seminar 2017.04.21] Wage Differentials, Firm Investment, and Stock Returns

Speaker’s Name: Yongjun Kim (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   Abstract This study investigates the effects of labor costs on firms’ capital investments and stock returns. I estimate wage premia across U.S. industries an […]